Rental Id: 15-647 Dimension Guide
Hyster  S155FT
15,000 lb Capacity

Rental ID: 15-647
Make: Hyster
Model: S155FT
Capacity: 15,000 lbs
Capacity as Equipped: 13,750 lbs @ 24" Load Center
Load Center: 24"
Mast-Overall Lowered Height: 100"
Mast-Maximum Fork Height: 185"
Mast-Overall Raised Height: 234" with LBR
Mast-Free Lift: 56"
Carriage: Maximum Fork Spread Outside Dimension 57", Class IV
Forks: 60" X 6" X 2.5" Standard Taper
Attachments: Cascade 60" Side Shift, 4 Function Hydraulic Valve, Pressure Valve for Clamp
Door Clearance Dimension: 105"
Power: 4.3 Litre GM V6 Emission Compliant - Heavy Duty
Fuel: LPG
Fuel Capacity: (1) 33.5 lb LPG Tank, Swing Out Drop Down Type Loading
Transmission: Electronic Power Shift, (3) Speed Forward (2) Speed Reverse
Tires: Solid Rubber
Dimensions: 61" Wide X 118.3" Long (Less Forks) X 100" High
Gross Weight: 22,390 lbs Approx.
Safety Equipment: OHG, LBR, Backup Alarm, Warning Light, Operating Lights, Stop Lights, Seat Belt, Fire Extinguisher, Low Fuel Indicator, Data Plate
Accessory: High Temp Hydraulic Cooling Fan System, LPG with Catalytic Exhaust Purifier
Details: N/A

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