Rental Id: 52-601 Dimension Guide
Taylor  T520M
52,000 lb Capacity

Rental ID: 52-601
Make: Taylor
Model: T520M
Capacity: 52,000 lbs
Capacity as Equipped: 46,700 lbs @ 48" Load Center with Side Shifter
Load Center: 48"
Mast-Overall Lowered Height: 147"
Mast-Maximum Fork Height: 137"
Mast-Overall Raised Height: 213" Approx.
Mast-Free Lift: 0"
Carriage: 'C' Type Maximum Fork Spread Outside Dimension 118", Minimum 47"
Forks: 96" X 11.5" X 3.75" Full Taper (Container Type)
Attachments: Side Shifter, Fork Positioner, & 14" Diameter X 72" Long Hi Vis Coil Ram
Door Clearance Dimension: 153"
Power: QSB5.9C230 Cummins
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 60 Gallons
Transmission: 3 Speed Powershift
Tires: 14.00 X 25, 20 Ply Rating, Air Drive & Steer
Dimensions: 129" Wide X 250" Long (Less Forks) X 147" High
Gross Weight: 79,950 lbs Approx.
Safety Equipment: OHG, Backup Alarm, Forward Alarm, Warning Light, Operating Lights, Seat Belt, Mirrors, Fire Extinguisher, Data Plate, Safety Decal
Accessory: Full Cab W/Accessories, Low Air Intake, Automatic Air Dryer, Block Heater
Details: This Taylor forklift can handle any of your heavy lifting needs. This 52,000# capacity unit runs on Diesel, pneumatic tires that are dual drive, and has over 11' of lifting capabilities. All of the safety features are on the truck as well.

Interstate Heavy Rentals delivers our forklifts all over the Eastern seaboard to Pennsylvania PA, New Jersey NJ, Delaware DE, Maryland MD, New York NY, Vermont VT, New Hampshire, Connecticut CT, Massachusetts MA, Rhode Island RI, Maine ME, Virginia VA, West Virginia WV, Ohio OH, Indiana IN, Kentucky KY, North Carolina NC, South Carolina SC, Tennessee TN, Florida FL, Georgia GA, Mississippi MS, Michigan MI, Alabama AL.

We also deal with some construction lifts and aerials, as well as all kinds of rigger type lifts also known to some as "hi lo's and towmotors". All units are available on short or long term lease, and occasionally we have rental retirements for sale when our company is replenishing our fleet with new equipment. Our standards are very high when it comes to the forklifts we rent to our customers.

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